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Hibon SN Blower
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Hibon SN Blower

Ingersoll Rand offers a wide range of positive displacement, three-lobe blowers for use in compression and vacuum applications for air and other neutral gases.

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  • Flows from 20 m3/h (12 cfm) to 25 000 m3/h (14705 cfm)
  • Pressures to 1 bar g.* (14.5 psig)
  • Vacuum to 500 mbar abs (15 “Hg)
  • Tri-lobe construction with built-in pulse control system to reduce pulsations and noise.
  • Five bearings standard with drive shaft suitable for V-belt and direct drives.
  • Oil splash lubricated bearings for long service.
  • Piston rings and labyrinth seals.
  • Heavy duty casing and end plates with cast ribs for strength. 


  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Chemical drying and evaporation
  • Aeration (Waste Water Treatment)


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