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•   Air Compressor Service New York
•   Electric Motor Service New York
•   Pump Repair New York
•   HVAC Maintenance and Service
•   Process Blower and Vacuum Pump Service New York
•   Energy Audits
•   Portable Diesel Air Compressor Repair NY
•   Exhaust Fan and Ventilator Fan Repair NYC
•   Flood Damaged Motors and Controls NY
•   Generator Sales & Service NY
•   Variable Frequency Drive Service NY


Compressed Air Power Systems
Nitrogen Systems
Electro Mechanical Power Systems
Air Movement Systems
Portable & Stationary Power Systems
Pumps & Pumping Systems
Blowers & Vacuum Pumps

Turbine Pump Repair NY & Long Island Turbine Pump Sales and Installations NY & Long Island Hollow Shaft Motor Rewinds and Service NY & Long Island

Submersible Turbine Pump Repair NY and Long Island

Submersible Turbine Well Pump Repair NY and Long Island

KG Power Systems has over 60 years of experience repairing New York and Long Island’s Turbine Pumps.  Our Pump Repair Shop in Hauppauge, NY has full capabilities of repairing and rebuilding all makes and models of Turbine Well Pumps.  Our Turbine Pump Repair Team also performs on site pump repair and will pull, repair and install the repaired turbine pump.     

Turbine Pump Repair New York & Long Island

Hollow Shaft Turbine Motor Rewinds and Rebuilds

On average, K&G rewinds and rebuilds 10 to 15 Hollow Shaft Motors every year for the various New York Water Authorities and Townships.  Our Motor Repair Shop has rewind capabilities up to 400 HP and stocks a large inventory of bearings and wire, allowing for fast turnaround and thorough repairs.

Turbine Pump Repair & Service

  • Bearing Replacement
  • Impeller Trimming, Balancing and Replacement
  • Shaft Conditioning, Machining and Replacement
  • Seal Replacement
  • Custom Pump Gaskets to Expedite Repairs
  • Pump Casing and Body Repairs

24/7 Emergency Pump Repair in New York and Long Island.  631-342-1171



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