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HVAC Electric Motor Upgrade Queens, New York

HVAC Premium Efficient Motor Upgrade Queens, New York

Date: 6/01/2008 – 9/10/2008

Commissioned By: New York Power Authority

Location: Department Of Sanitation Vehicle Maintenance Facility in Queens, NY

Services Provided: 70 HVAC Premium Efficient Motor Upgrades, Retrofitted New Motor Bases, Installed new Sheaves, Belts and Motor Connections, Replaced and Wired New HVAC Blower Controls. 

Background: In conjunction with the New York Power Authority, KG Power Systems developed and initiated an HVAC Efficiency Upgrade Program for the Department of Sanitation Vehicle Repair Facility in Queens, New York.  The 400,000 Square Foot Facility had an existing HVAC System that was operated with inefficient motors and worn power transmission.  The belt driven fans and blowers had worn sheaves, broken belts, soft foot motor bases and non-operating controls.  The direct drive exhaust driven units were misaligned causing excess vibration and damage to the equipment.  Large energy costs and frequent replacement of key components of the HVAC system was costing the facility thousands of dollars every year. 

The solution called for a complete revamp and replacement of the HVAC System’s Power Sources.

Opportunities and Solutions:

  • 70 Inefficient motors were replaced by new Premium Efficient Motors.
  • 55 Worn sheaves, belts and connections were replaced. 
  • 30 Outdated controls were replaced and rewired. 

KG Power Systems completed the removal and replacement of all inefficient motors and connections in 15 working days and one month before the scheduled completion date.

Please contact us if you want to learn more about this project or are interested in upgrading your HVAC System. 

150 Laser Court Hauppauge, NY 11724 Ph: 631-342-1171 Email: sales@kgpowersystems.com


KG Power Systems is Here to Help Reduce HVAC Energy Costs!


KG Power Systems Specializes in HVAC System Upgrades in the New York City and Long Island Area.  We have been working with Building Managers to upgrade the efficiency and reliability of their HVAC Systems for over 60 years.   

With the ever increasing energy costs, we know the importance of reducing your energy consumption and in turn improving your bottom line.  Most times our customers are able to save thousands of dollars each year with small key improvements.  Take a look at the list below and see if any of these apply to your situation.


Key Opportunities to Improve Reliability and Efficiency of Your HVAC System


  •  Replacing Standard Efficient Motors with Premium Efficient Motors
  •  Installing a Variable Frequency Drive to reduce energy consumption and inrush current charges
  •  Laser Aligning your pump, motor, blower and fan connections to reduce vibration, equipment failure  and damage (frequently replacing machine belts, worn sheaves and couplings)
  •  Well maintained compressed air system to ensure clean dry air, preventing your building controls from corroding and failing. 


New York HVAC Upgrade Rebate Programs 


New York Power Authority (NYPA) and Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) offer several rebate incentive programs for businesses that upgrade the efficiency of their HVAC Systems.  KG Power Systems has years of experience working with these agencies and know the necessary steps to ensure quick payment.  We help each of our customers and will follow up with the agencies to ensure you receive the correct rebate.  


Typical Rebates:


  • Air Compressor Upgrades
  • Compressed Air Storage Tank Capacity Upgrades
  • Premium Efficient Electric Motor Upgrades
  • Variable Frequency Drive Upgrades 

Most projects have a payback period of 2 – 4 years and see immediate improvements in the reliability of their HVAC Systems.






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