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Air Knife Drying System New York

Air Knife Drying System Long Island & New York City

Air Knife Blower System New York and Long Island


K&G Power Systems has teamed up with Republic Blowers to engineer, supply and install Air Knife Drying Systems in the NY Metro Area.  K&G Power Systems has helped several manufacturers, bottlers, packagers, and produce handlers design and install an efficient drying system.    

Air Knife Drying Systems

These air knife systems are engineered, manufactured and tested to provide dry parts prior to labeling, ink jet coding, packaging or other secondary operations. The air knife assembly is available in extruded aluminum or stainless steel, with lengths from 1" up to 196" and with an adjustable gap for proper airstream control. Republic has a complete line of 2", 3", and 4" air knives and accessories in both aluminum and stainless steel. Stainless steel air knives are used in food applications and corrosive environments.   Republic leads the industry in manufacturing a complete air knife product line that allows for optimal customizations and customer satisfaction.  Additionally, the air velocity can be adjusted in the field with an optional butterfly or dampener valve to provide the appropriate pressure and airstream as required by the process. Multiple air knife and air nozzle combinations can be connected to a manifold assembly, which in turn is powered by a single motor/blower system.

Air Knife Blower

High precision ceramic angular contact ball bearings

  • 75% savings in electrical cost over compressed air
  • Dynamically balanced impeller and bearing housing assembly      
  • Self-tensioning belt eliminates tension pulley assembly
  • Stainless steel blower pulley
  • 16 groove Micro-V belt drive
  • Fully rotatable blower head cover
  • One-year warranty
  • Field serviceable
  • Air Knife Blower NY & Long Island






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