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Jaw Type Couplings [ View All ]
Fail-safe — will still perform if elastomer fails No metal to metal contact Resistant to oil, dirt, sand, moisture and grease More than 850,000 combinations of bore sizes [View All]

Jaw In-Shear Type Couplings [ View All ]
•2° angular misalignment capability •.030” - .047” parallel misalignment capability •50D shore Urethane material — max. temperature of 200°F (93°C) •Torsional wind-up of 5° at full load •Retaining ring is made from #347 cast stainless steel •Can be used with AL-type aluminum Jaw coupling hubs for sizes AL090/ 095, AL099/100 and AL110 (Stainless steel hubs can be made-to-order as well) [View All]

S-Flex Couplings [ View All ]
•Easy to Install •Maintenance Free •No Lubrication •Dampens Vibration and Controls Shock •Torsionally Soft •Double Engagement [View All]


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